E-Business Cyber-Vandalism Defense System Offered

E-business solutions company Tivoli Systems Inc. delivered Tivoli
SecureWay Risk Manager, an e-business security app that helps defend
companies against cyber-vandalism.

The app is a centralized risk management solution that enables organizations
to centrally manage attacks, threats and exposures by correlating security
information from firewalls, intrusion detectors, vulnerability scanning tools
and other security checkpoints.

The company said the solution enables administrators to eliminate clutter
such as false-positives, while quickly identifying real security threats. The
solution implements automated countermeasures ensuring only authorized
business partners, customers, suppliers, internal employees and others can
access the networks, systems and applications within the e-business.

Tivoli said it tapped IBM Research technologies to bring state-of-the-art
detection and network scanning tools into Tivoli SecureWay Risk Manager.
The Intrusion detection engine detects the most recent denial of services
attack tools: Trin00, TFN, Stacheldraht and TFN2k, as well as conventional
attacks based on scans and floods, and it supports a wide variety of network

“As new forms of cyber-attacks emerge, e-businesses must address the business
risks arising from them,” said Carl Kessler, vice president and general
of the Tivoli Security Business Unit. “To mitigate this threat, Tivoli is
providing a solution backed by a team of IBM security professionals who are
experienced in combating these types of attacks and able to assist customers
with countermeasures, actions and containment.”

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