E-Mail-based EBPP System Launched

Secure document company MicroVault Corp. launched an Electronic
Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) solution called NetCourier that uses
e-mail “to bring control, convenience, and confidence to both billers and

The company said that billers such as telephone, credit card, mortgage and
utility companies can prepare their recurring bills and deliver them to their
customers directly via an e-mail attachment.

The consumer can open the e-mail attachment, review it, and then pay the bill
by entering a personal identification number (PIN) and clicking on the “pay”
button — with no need to visit a biller’s or consolidator’s Web site.

Consumers can be presented with a variety of pre-established options for
paying bills, which can include credit cards, off-line debit or check cards
and electronic checks. The process uses MicroVault’s NetSecure advanced
encryption technologies and doesn’t require any special software or downloads.

A side benefit is that billers have a direct connection with their customers,
improving customer relationship management (CRM) and providing better
branding and content control, the company said.

“Businesses and consumers worldwide are beginning to realize the advantages
of electronic billing. By introducing secure e-mail delivery and payment into
the picture, we are giving billers and consumers more control and simplifying
the process for
faster consumer acceptance of electronic billing,” said Nick Rini, president
of MicroVault.

NetCourier pricing is based on enterprise licenses and volume of transactions.

Separately, MicroVault announced a partnership with Interface Systems Inc., a
provider of Legacy-to-Internet (L2I) technology.

Interface technology converts mainframe-based content or legacy data to
Internet-ready formats, providing the content for electronic bill and
statement presentment via the
NetCourier EBPP e-mail delivery solution. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The partnership means that rather than evaluating and purchasing component
pieces, a company can now purchase a complete system — from data conversion
of billing to consumer e-mail delivery and reply.

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