Earjam.com Launches ARC Service

Earjam.com unveiled its Artist-Retailer-Consumer (ARC) service Monday.

The service combines a custom software application and
a database service that directly connects consumers to specific on-line
sources of media-rich content.

The desktop application, an Internet Music
Player (IMP) with an embedded media agent, allows consumers to download and
play a personalized selection of music and video from artist sites and
participating retailers.

The application sports a branded skin and customized
retailer and artist content. The IMP software is pre-loaded on music CDs and
distributed via participating retailers.

Once a user plays the enhanced CD on
their computer, the IMP provides a direct connection to online content,
communication and promotions provided by the featured artist, and
personalized for each individual retail partner.

“Labels and artists have been searching for a digital communication solution
that strengthens their fan relationship while embracing their ‘click &
mortar’ retail channel partners,” said Dave Ulmer, president and chief executive officer of
Earjam.com, Inc. “With this new service, labels and artists can leverage
their existing distribution channels while establishing an intimate and
on-going relationship with their fans.”

Beyond Music, which represents a number of well-known artists, has entered a strategic relationship with Earjam for the launch of “New Tattoo” by Motley Crue, which hits retail shelves July 11.

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