Electronic Billing Picks Up Steam

The Sun-Netscape Alliance put its
collaborative powers to use Tuesday by forming strategic relationships with four companies to create an integrated billing package for iPlanet’s

Features of the application include back-end billing and rating, bill
presentment and payment and customer service.

America Online Inc. (AOL)
and Sun Microsystems Inc.(SUNW) struck up solid relationships with Portal
Software Inc.,
Solect, Vantive Corp. and Science Applications International Corp.
to enable Alliance iPlanet BillerXpert clients to streamline
their electronic billing processes and generate revenue opportunities.

The alliance hopes the deal will result in faster customer EBPP deployments
and stronger business for the biller. The announcement is part of the
Alliance’s initiative, “Full/Speed/Ahead”.

“The relationship with the Sun-Netscape Alliance will provide SAIC with an
enhanced solution that we can offer to our customer care and billing
clients,” said Jonathan Reinhold, vice president in the commercial
technology sector at SAIC.

“SAIC is looking forward to working with the Alliance to help drive
adoption of these enhanced electronic billing capabilities to raise the
value-proposition of Internet bill presentment and payment for IP service

Specifically, Alliance’s deal with Portal and Solect will lend customers a
leaner integration between iPlanet BillerXpert and their billing engines.

With Vantive’s help, the Alliance benefits from excellent customer service
options. iPLanet BillerXpert’s links electronic bills to customer care
solutions, which leaves clients only a few clicks away from resolving
customer care issues completely and quickly online.

iPlanet BillerXpert is a complete Internet bill presentment and payment
solution, which the Alliance offers as part of its e-commerce applications.

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