ELiberation.com Completes First Phase of Peer To Peer

eLiberation.com has announced that its has seen the desired results of its file sharing distribution model from the first phase of its peer-to-peer (P2P) beta test. The company has now begun incorporating the peer commerce portion of its overall file-sharing model that will run as part of its ePilot.com pay-to-search web application.

“We feel very confident about the functionality of our file sharing distribution model,” said Director of Research and Development Bill Montemer. “File sharing in itself is an old story, but now that we’ve frozen our distribution technology we are implementing the business and marketing aspects of our peer commerce system that will really set our efforts apart from the rest.”

ePilot has a current member base of over 1.3 million members that get paid for doing searches within its website or software and also receive financial incentives for signing-up for special offers or referring new users. It is this system that is already in place that will give ePilot’s Peer Commerce program a special appeal that, combined with its business model, can answer the question haunting P2P technology: How can we generate revenue with this?

By using ePilot membership earnings to pay for digital content via file sharing, ePilot’s Peer Commerce solution provides a simple transaction environment where copyright owners can get paid for their efforts while users can avoid both unpopular subscription fees and small credit card transactions.

Integral to the current ePilot program is a micro-accounting system that tracks the usage of a user and his or her referred user base. The ePilot system is designed to handle micro-transactions starting as small as $0.03 and presents the opportunity to sell copyrighted files on a file-by-file basis rather than charging a monthly fee. This micro-account capability will allow copyright owners to receive compensation for online distribution of their protected works.

A twist to the ePilot Peer Commerce model is that not only will owners of copyrighted materials be compensated for their works, but also ePilot members can get a percentage by distributing these files through the system. This is a complete daisy-chain peer commerce solution that benefits all participants and is an innovation within the entire file-sharing space.

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