Employees Ebb at Tidepoint

Tidepoint Corp. in Baltimore, which calls itself a Business Partner
Infrastructure (BPI) service provider, reportedly has laid off about
two-thirds of its workforce and will change its focus to emphasize the sale
of pre-configured software.

TidePoint, which provides security systems and network infrastructure for e-
commerce companies, laid off 65 of its 94 employees earlier this week,
according to a report in the Washington Post. Company execs did not
immediately return a call from internetnews.com.

The company, formed a year ago, reportedly plans to refocus on sales of
pre-configured software, rather than its ASP model of charging monthly fees
for services hosted on its computers

Meanwhile, AtYourBusiness.com Inc., which provides small businesses with
insurance, recruiting and payroll-management services, reportedly dismissed
eight of its 46 employees this week.

CEO Michael Shulman was quoted as saying the cuts were a reflection of the
company’s switch to a more direct sales model, including telemarketing.

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