EMusic.com Giving Away Nomad II Mp3 Players

EMusic.com Thursday started giving away free 32MB Creative Labs NOMAD II portable digital audio hardware players.

The giveaway is a promotion available to customers that purchase $50 worth of downloadable music from the company. The players are valued at $229.99 each.

The NOMAD II 32MB plays MP3s and provides up to one hour of stereo sound. It is
designed for the active music fan, with features that emphasize quick setup
and mobility. The NOMAD II comes equipped with a Universal Serial Bus (USB)
connection, a wired remote, a backlit LCD, and SSFDC (Solid State Floppy Disk
Card) compliant flash memory card support. It also features bass-enhanced
stereo backphones, a built-in FM radio tuner, voice recorder, and upgradeable
firmware for future audio codec standards and software extensions.

“It is fantastic to partner with Creative, one of the true innovators in digital audio hardware — to
introduce music fans to the convenience of downloadable music with a
high-quality MP3 player like the NOMAD II,” said Steve Grady, vice president of marketing for EMusic.com.

Grady added that EMusic has more than 100,000 songs available, all legitimate, for 99 cents per song or $8.99 for complete downloadable albums.

Information about EMusic accounts and the NOMAD II promotion is available here.

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