Entera Caching Delivers RealSystem G2

Entera Inc. Monday revealed an integrated software solution to improve delivery of RealNetworks Inc.‘s RealAudio and RealVideo. The solution utilizes Entera’s new TeraEDGE caching technology.

TeraEDGE’s streaming media and Web caching software allows service providers and content providers to replicate streaming content closer to the end-user, improving the end-user’s viewing experience and reducing bandwidth costs for ISPs and content providers. Entera integrated the RealNetworks RealProxy software, a streaming media caching solution, into TeraEDGE to provide delivery of video and audio content to RealPlayer users.

Ben Rotholtz, general manager, Media Systems, RealNetworks (RNWK), said the combination of Entera’s expertise in caching and content delivery technologies and RealNetworks’ streaming technology will enable network infrastructure providers to deliver the best streaming media experience.

“Caching streaming media is a critical component of the broadband infrastructure, enabling delivery of the highest quality multimedia content,” said Ben Rotholtz, General Manager, Media Systems, RealNetworks, Inc.

Entera’s president and chief executive officer, Steve West, added that Entera is committed to building relationships with technology leaders to bring quality, affordable streaming media to the masses.

Entera will offer TeraEDGE as a free beta version download on Linux beginning July 1. The download is available here. Entera also plans to offer beta version downloads of TeraEDGE on other major platforms, including Sun Solaris and Windows 2000/NT. RealNetworks is certifying the TeraEDGE on Solaris Sparc as compliant with RealSystem G2. Other platforms are expected to obtain RealSystem G2 certification of compliancy in the future.

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