eSettlements for E-Commerce

Business software company PeopleSoft Inc. delivered an eSettlements solution
for electronic invoice presentation and payment (EIPP) for the enterprise
that provides a common platform for B2B buyers and sellers.

The Pleasanton, Calif.-based company said that the new
integrated electronic settlement solution saves time and can improve a
company’s cash management functioning, allowing buyers and sellers to
exchange and match transactions such as purchase orders, receipts and

PeopleSoft said its new eSettlements app, a part of its Financial Management
Solutions package, lets companies receive invoices electronically, send
alerts and notifications, and resolve disputes online.

Buyers are able to extend their procurement and payment rules, such as
matching and payment selection criteria. Sellers can improve customer
relationships and reduce sales outstanding through online tracking and
resolution of payment issues.

“Today’s economic conditions are forcing CFOs to focus on improving cash
management and reducing costs,” said Renee Lorton, senior vice president and
general manager of PeopleSoft Financial Management Solutions. “eSettlements
provides a significant return in these key areas and also improves overall
operational efficiency and customer/supplier relationships.”

Meanwhile, PeopleSoft signed a deal with Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Vigilance
Inc. to provide a supply chain event management solution that will give
customers “extended visibility and expanded control” over the supply chain.

The integration of PeopleSoft’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications
with Vigilance’s Supply Chain Event Management Suite (SCEM) will enable
companies to alert employees and suppliers to unexpected events and take
corrective action throughout the supply chain.

Financial terms of the deal with privately held Vigilance (funded by
Lightspeed Venture Partners and Accenture) were not disclosed. The new
solution combines cross-enterprise event detection, closed-loop analytics,
role-based portals, and collaborative business rules to enable companies to
identify and prioritize emerging issues and alert escalation paths for
corrective action.

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