Facebook Trumps Google

Will the most popular site on the Web please stand up?

It may come as a surprise to some, but based on the latest figures from traffic monitor Hitwise, the winner is social networking colossus Facebook, which unseated search giant Google.

The news could have significant implications for online marketing who are trying to figure out the best ways to reach their target audiences. And it could set the stage for further developments as Facebook continues to refine its own advertising strategy. SmallBusinessComputing.com has the story.

Facebook passed a significant milestone last week, topping Google for the first time as the most popular destination on the Web, according to Web metrics firm Hitwise. Facebook had previously topped the metric company’s traffic counter for single individual days, but had never finished out a week in the top spot.

Hitwise, a division of Experian, reported that Facebook accounted for 7.07 percent of all U.S. Internet visits last week, just inching out Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), which accounted for 7.03 percent of all visits.

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Social Networking is King: Facebook Edges Google

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