FollowUp.Net, Launches ProfileTrakker for E-Merchants

FollowUp.Net, a provider of Internet
database marketing tools, delivered ProfileTrakker, an interactive customer
profiling and marketing application for e-commerce merchants.

The turnkey, hosted service builds and manages customer relationships, the
company said. ProfileTrakker allows the vendor to accumulate specific
customer preference information and then uses permission and one-to-one
marketing techniques to reach out to shoppers to build loyalty and drive
repeat purchases.

“Web merchants are investing huge sums of money to bring a customer to their
site the first time,” said Chris Woods, CEO
and founder of the year-old FollowUp.Net.

“But after that first visit, most retailers don’t have a
solid plan to develop the customer into a loyal, repeat shopper. And if they
do, their profiling software often treats a backwoods canoe paddler as if he
was a “Miami-Vice” power boater, just because he bought a life preserver.
Today’s profiling and marketing solutions do not maximize the return on
customer acquisition costs or create loyal customers.”

ProfileTrakker is deployed from a stand-alone “marketing data center.”
Features include customer profile development, target marketing, database marketing, market
site feedback, newsletters, buyers’ clubs, product warranty information and
call center surveys.

Early customers include, CDNow and Pricing was not
disclosed. Other FollowUp.Net products include SurveyTrakker, SiteTrakker,
PulseTrakker, WarrantyTrakker, CallTrakker and PurchaseTrakker.

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