Free Components Offered for Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition

Microsoft is
making available two new (and free for the download) components for its
Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition, one for auctions and one called The
Commerce Interchange Pipeline Manager.

The new auction component is intended to enable site managers to auction
products, accept
bids and determine winners using rules ranging from simple to sophisticated.

Auctioneers can set reserve prices, minimum bids, start and end dates, and bid
increments, as well as resolve bid conflicts with user-defined rules. The
auction component download includes full documentation and a demonstration Web
site, ClockTower Auction.

The Commerce Interchange Pipeline Manager (CIPM) is an addition to Commerce
Interchange Pipeline (CIP) technology, introduced in Site Server 3.0 Commerce
Edition. The CIPM is designed for businesses to automate and manage
electronic communications with their distributors, resellers, suppliers and
other trading partners in business-to-business application scenarios.
Different document formats for purchase orders, invoices, receipts and
shipping notices can now be managed for
multiple trading partners.

A snap-in to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), the CIPM is an
administration tool for defining and managing trading partner profiles and
communications. Using simple business document and partner profiles, the CIPM
works with the CIP to generate and maintain a multitude of processes
required to conduct business
electronically. CIPM is delivered as a self-extracting executable.

The new components are available at the Site Server Web site.

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