Front-End Meets Back-End

E-commerce application companies i2 Technologies Inc. and
BroadVision Inc. said they will team to produce a combined
solution integrating front-end multi-enterprise order capture and creation
with back-end order management and fulfillment capabilities.

The joint development agreement calls for a comprehensive e-commerce solution
that will marry the i2 TradeMatrix Sell and i2 TradeMatrix Content Solutions
with the
BroadVision suite of e-commerce applications and relationship management

The stocks of both companies were up on the news: i2 was up nearly 5 percent
to $169 in early afternoon trading; BroadVision was up about 20 percent to

The jointly-developed product will be marketed to companies that want to
accelerate their time-to-market and reduce cost of ownership as they
establish new e-businesses. The
solution will target customers operating sell-side, buy-side and many-to-many
commerce e-businesses, the companies said.

“The combination of BroadVision’s e-commerce expertise with i2 TradeMatrix
Sell Solution will create real value for customers,” said Greg Brady,
president of i2. “This agreement will enable business-to-business and
business-to-consumer companies to rapidly build and deploy marketplaces that
reach the entire depth and breadth of the value chain.”

Financial arrangements between the companies were not disclosed, but the
companies said the offering will build on the i2 TradeMatrix Sell Solution,
including Sales Configuration, Sales Pricer, Content Exchange, Discovery, and
Internet Fulfillment Server, while leveraging BroadVision One-To-One
Enterprise, BroadVision InfoExchange, BroadVision One-To-One Publishing, and
BroadVision Business Commerce.

Co-marketing and joint sales efforts are planned.

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