GlobalFoundries Scores Qualcomm

HardwareCentral reports on a big win for AMD-spinoff Globalfoundries which has been actively pursuing new customers beyond just AMD.

GlobalFoundries today announced that it has signed Qualcomm as its latest client, making the San Diego mobile chip giant its largest customer besides AMD, the company that spun GlobalFoundries off late last year.

As a result, GlobalFoundries will manufacture chips for Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) in both 45- and 28-nanometer-process designs, and the two firms plan to collaborate on future advanced process nodes.

It’s a big win for GlobalFoundries, which consists of AMD’s former chip fabrication facilities. AMD spun out the unit as a standalone company last year. For a while, AMD (NYSE: AMD) was its only customer. It then landed STMicroelectronics, which has some fabrication plants, but Qualcomm is both GlobalFoundries’ biggest customer ($10 billion in revenue in fiscal 2009) and its biggest fabless customer as well.

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GlobalFoundries Adds Qualcomm to Customers

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