GlobeSet, IBM Complete SET Software Interoperability Testing

GlobeSet Inc. in Austin, TX, a provider of SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) software for OEM solutions, said it has successfully completed interoperability testing between a variety of GlobeSet Payment System and IBM Payment Suite software payment applications.

These include:

  • GlobeSet Wallet v1.1 with IBM Consumer Wallet v1.0.11, v1.2
  • GlobeSet POS v1.1 with IBM Payment Server v1.0.15 (SDK 1.0.8)
  • GlobeSet Gateway v1.2 with IBM Payment Gateway v1.0.0.1 (SDK 1.0.3)
  • GlobeSet CA v1.1 with IBM Payment Registry v1.0.1.10

    Testing consisted of each vendor’s software applications performing and
    passing basic, advanced and comprehensive interoperability scenarios that
    replicated real-world payment card transactions between consumers, merchants,
    financial institutions and certificate authorities.

    “This industry-first milestone, the most comprehensive in terms of
    interoperability testing between two leading SET software vendors, reflects
    each company’s commitment to customer needs in the financial and retail
    markets,” said Wes Byrne, vice president, product development at GlobeSet.
    “Customers require technology that works easily
    and seamlessly into their business processes, and GlobeSet and IBM have
    jointly delivered on those requirements.”

    “Interoperability is a key component in the adoption of SET as a payment
    protocol,” said Mark Greene, vice president of Internet payments at IBM.
    “IBM’s work with GlobeSet and other companies in the Internet payment arena is
    designed to make the transition to SET as seamless as possible for consumers,
    merchants and financial institutions.”

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