Google Equips Instant Search With Previews

Google has made some of its more dramatic upgrades to its core search product in recent months. First, in September, came Google Instant, which surfaced results as a user typed out his query. Now, the firm is adding image previews, so users can actually see different elements of a website before they click through.

Google’s new instant preview feature aims to help users navigate to the most relevant content faster. Datamation takes a look.

Google made a big splash in September when it began serving up search results in real time as users tapped out their queries.

Now it’s adding images to the Google Instant feature.

On Tuesday morning Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) rolled out an update that it’s calling “instant previews,” which displays an image of the sections of the website that Google deems relevant next to the link and text snippet served up by the Instant feature.

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Google Adds Images to Instant Search

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