Google Snags Invite Media in Display Ad Bid

Google has built its empire on the little linked snippets of text that appear alongside its search results. But in recent years, the company has talked loudly about its plans to build up its display-advertising business.

With the acquisition of Invite Media, Google has taken another step in that direction. Through the purchase, Google will pick up technology that facilitates a real-time bidding system for selling display ads. E-Commerce Guide has the details.

Google’s added another weapon to its arsenal of online ad services. The search giant has announced the acquisition of a startup, Invite Media, one of a small group of companies that gives ad agencies and advertisers the ability to do real-time bidding for display ad space.

Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) billions of dollars in revenue has traditionally been driven by the text ad business powered by its powerful search engine. The company trails Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL when it comes display advertising, the richer ad formats that include graphics, images and video content, though Google’s been making gains on the display side of late, specifically in display advertising for YouTube sites.

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Google Grabs Invite Media for Automated Display Ad Buys

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