Gotham Comes to AOL

Holy online, Batman! America Online and DC Comics, both properties of AOL Time Warner , will exclusively publish online a new Batman comic strip this fall on KOL, the first version of AOL designed entirely for children. The series will run daily for a year.

According to the Dulles, Va.-based AOL, the online giant and DC Comics have also joined forces to host additional special content and features for AOL’s new experiences for its teenage and pre-teen audiences. Children can view special Batman and Superman comics online at KOL as well as access other features related to the comic superheroes. In addition, each weekday, new Spy vs. Spy comics and excerpts from Mad Magazine will be available.

The new Batman strip, written by Mark Schultz and with art by Rick Burchett, will revolve around a plot featuring a new villain in Gotham, Sin Tzu, ” the latest criminal mastermind and shadowy eastern mystic” created by Jim Lee and Flint Dille.

“‘Batman: Shadow of Sin Tzu’ is the first-ever strip exclusively developed by DC for the online environment, and we are thrilled to give AOL members access to this special online edition of such an exciting comic,” said Richard Bruning, SVP and Creative Director at DC Comics. “By bringing this world-class superhero to the Internet, we are literally bridging the generational gap between parents who grew up reading Batman stories in comic books and watching him on television and their kids who will now be able to check out Batman’s daily adventures online.”

Added Malcolm Bird, SVP and general manager for AOL’s Kids and Teens, “Kids love comics and Batman is one of the coolest, most beloved superheroes of all time. We are thrilled to give kids online access to this original online comic series that they can follow online all year.”

DC Comics, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, is the largest English-language publisher of comics in the world and home to such iconic characters as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Sandman.

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