HP Debuts First ‘Tukwila’ Itanium Systems

The quad-core Itanium family known as “Tukwila” is at the heart of HP’s new lineup, and makes its inaugural appearance following the chips’ official introduction earlier this month. The launch caps off years of delay for the processors and is already enabling HP and Intel to boast of some big-name users. ServerWatch has the story.

Intel launched what will be its largest server and storage refresh beginning Monday with the introduction of the Itanium 9300 line, the long-delayed “Tukwila” family of quad-core Itanium processors.

Itanium was a joint venture by Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) and a number of server firms when it first started, but many have since dropped out. Only HP (NYSE: HPQ) remains and has been transitioning its mission-critical servers from the proprietary PA-RISC processor to Itanium for several years.

Intel claims that 80 percent of the Global 100 corporations have chosen Itanium-based servers for mission-critical applications. One example is the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which spent 18 months testing a Fujitsu PrimeQuest server running a Linux/Itanium 9300 environment, and finally switched off its mainframe last month.

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HP Launches First Quad-Core Itanium Systems

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