Hypercom Introduces iCom Transaction System

Hypercom Corp. announced it launched
the Pinnacle Internet Commerce (iCom) Transaction System into the Asia
Pacific market.

Pinnacle iCom is a family of client/server payment and data transaction
software. Hypercom is a provider of point-of-sale (POS) terminals, enterprise
networking equipment, and client/server software for payment processing and
data transaction solutions. Pinnacle iCom was launched in August 1997.

Hypercom’s Pinnacle iCom Transaction System for online business consists of:

  • Pinnacle iCom Wallet, an electronic wallet for online purchasing. The
    wallet can carry the logo of banks, financial processors, or merchants.
  • Pinnacle iCom POS, a point-of-sale system that connects merchants to
    their customers and financial processors.
  • Pinnacle iCom Gateway, a gateway application that connects the
    merchant to the payment processing system for payment authorization.
  • Pinnacle iCom CA, a digital certificate application that helps SET
    service providers and financial institutions control the certification

“Hypercom brings together the robust transaction processing of Pinnacle and
secure Internet transactions to provide a powerful combination for the future
of transaction processing in Asia Pacific and globally,” said George Wallner,
chairman and chief technology officer at Phoenix, AZ-based Hypercom.

Hypercom is also introducing Pinnacle Software’s complete family of front-end
client/server software solutions for payment processing and data transactions.

“Pinnacle by Hypercom provides an adaptation layer for host legacy systems
that allows financial transaction companies to quickly and easily support new
functions and payment modes without replacing their existing transaction
infrastructure investments,” said Theodore (Ted) F. Cole, senior vice
president, Hypercom Pinnacle Software Products Group.

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