iMALL Launches E-Commerce Services Reseller Program

iMALL Inc. launched the Electronic Commerce Reseller Program, allowing established Internet resellers to upgrade their clients’ online presence into fully transactional, commerce-enabled Web sites.

Verio Web Hosting Inc., a leader in Web hosting solutions with more than 1,800 resellers in 60 countries, was named the first master reseller in the new program.

“This program will provide resellers with an on-going revenue stream while offering merchants an extremely cost-effective, turnkey solution for establishing a secure Internet storefront,” said Richard Rosenblatt, chairman and CEO of iMALL. “For an additional fee, merchants can also promote their products to iMALL’s two million monthly shoppers to attract a qualified base of customers”

A key to the new program is iMALL’s iStore E-commerce and Internet storefront software, which is being made available for reseller use for the first time, The company said. iStore is the primary tool that iMALL uses to create commerce-enabled Web sites for its own online shopping mall.

“More than four years of continuous internal use and development have gone into the making of iStore,” said Rosenblatt. “With this mature product and iMALL’s market reach behind them, resellers will be able to offer merchants an E-commerce solution that we believe is superior to anything else on the

Two designations are available under the Electronic Commerce Services Reseller Program: reseller and master reseller. Master resellers, such as Verio Web Hosting, provide support for their resellers who offer Internet services to their business clients. Resellers may work directly with iMALL, but are encouraged to work through a master reseller. Discounts and support options vary based on the number of merchants a reseller or master reseller maintains.

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