Impulse! Buy Network Adds 175 Sites

Burlingame, CA-based Impulse! Buy Network, until now available
only on Yahoo, said its time-sensitive offers are now accessible on more than
175 Web sites.

New locations include CatalogSite, Guthy-Renker’s Choice Mall,, Compaq, Coolshopping, Deja News, eyegive, FreeShop,
go2net’s WebMarket, the IBS Network, NetDeals, NetNoir, Netscape,,
Planet Direct, PlanetOut, Prodigy Internet, SBC Interactive, Catalina
Marketing’s Supermarkets Online,, TravelZoo, and XOOM.

More than 100 retailers are represented, including Barnes & Noble, Buy.Comp,
Buy Direct, Egghead, J.Crew, Land’s End, Packard Bell/NEC, The Sharper Image
and 1-800 Flowers.

Additional Web sites launching in the next few weeks with Impulse! include
FeatureCast Network (more than 150 affiliate sites, as well as Teen Magazine
online, National
Enquirer online and America’s Most Wanted, iVillage, Looksmart, NBC’s
VideoSeeker, Packard Bell/NEC Factory Outlet and, the company

“Impulse! Buy Network’s secret merchandising weapon is revealed, emphatically,
in its name. People, it seems, like to buy things on impulse. And they are
especially likely to succumb when a highlighted product is available at a low,
low price for a limited time,” analyst Craig Canine of Technologic Partners
was quoted as saying.

“This is where QVC meets the Web, with an exquisite form
of torture that makes buyers believe they’re about
to miss the deal of a lifetime.”

Product offers appear on online point-of-purchase displays called
ImpulseRack!, which are permanently housed on and branded by each Web site.
Each ImpulseRack! holds a continuously updated stream of scrolling offers on
various products.

Mark H. Goldstein, president and CEO of Impulse! Buy Network said, “Instead of
forcing people to hunt down products through extensive searches across the
Web, we deliver a continuous stream of compelling offers to people on the
sites they visit most.”

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