Intel Bids Adieu to Larrabee for a Second Time

Alive then dead then alive and now, apparently, dead again. That’s the lifecycle for Larrabee, Intel’s now twice-killed project to build a stand-alone GPU product line.

As Hardware Central reports, Intel officials said shuttering Larrabee will help the world’s largest chipmaker to focus on HD video and mobile computing chips, a pair of markets it expects will be much more important and lucrative down the road.

Company officials said Intel will now turn its attention to integrated graphics. In 1999, Intel integrated its graphics chips with the chipset technology. Ten years later, it integrated the chipset, graphics and all, into the CPU with the introduction of the Westmere line. Westmere, an update to the Nehalem architecture, integrated the graphics with the CPU.

Intel will detail exactly what it now plans to do with the Larrabee technology at the International Supercomputer Conference taking place next week in Heidelberg, Germany.

Intel has decided once again to put its experiment in GPU processors, Larrabee, on the shelf for the time being and not release a discrete GPU.

Instead, the company will work on its heterogeneous computing platforms it began with the Westmere generation of processors and plans to advance with the forthcoming Sandy Bridge architecture.

Read the full story at Hardware Central:

Intel Kills Larrabee (Again) in Favor of Integrated Graphics

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