Intel Brings Nehalem to Embedded Xeon

A lot of what caught the industry’s eye about Intel’s Nehalem lineup is now set to make it into the semiconductor giant’s embedded Xeon processor. But as HardwareCentral reports, the offering is more than just a refurbished Nehalem: It’s got a number of add-ons designed to make developing for and rolling out systems based on the new embedded Xeon far simpler and more cost-effective.

Intel has begun shipping its latest embedded Xeon processor, the C5500/C3500 series, designed for embedded systems in markets such as communications, networking, and data storage products.

Developed under the codename “Jasper Forest,” the new line of Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) processors is derived from the “Nehalem” core technology and paired with a new chipset. The result is designed specifically to deliver increased computing density and integration.

Previously, Intel released an embedded Xeon series in 2007, which was based on the older Core 2 microarchitecture. Jasper Forest brings the on-die memory controller plus a few new features not in the Nehalem line.

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Intel Updates Embedded Xeon With Nehalem Core

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