Intel Seen Nearing Antitrust Deal With FTC

Intel is reportedly nearing a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission to end an antitrust lawsuit alleging that the chip giant used its market power to crowd out competitors.

Specifically, the settlement could see Intel make changes in the way it markets products in the GPU sector, extending provisions that it had agreed to in civil antitrust case brought by rival AMD involving the CPU segment. Hardware Central takes a look.

Intel has struck a preliminary settlement deal with the Federal Trade Commission that would put a few restrictions on how the chip giant markets its products but would spare it a major fine, according to a report by Reuters.

Citing anonymous sources, Reuters said the agreement Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) made last November with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to make changes in how it co-markets products with hardware OEMs will be extended to include graphics chips as well. In that case, a civil case, Intel paid AMD (NYSE: AMD) $1.25 billion and agreed to stop offering OEMs incentives for only using Intel products, but it only covered CPUs, not graphics.

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Intel Close to Antitrust Settlement: Report

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