Intel Seen Prepping 10-Core Xeon Processor

There’s always news coming out of Hot Chips, an annual confab at Stanford University that has become a mainstay on the hardware sector’s events calendar. But thanks to a revealing description of one of the sessions at the August conference, chip watchers are getting a sneak preview of what Intel is likely bringing to the table.

That looks to be a 10-core Xeon processor, the latest addition to Intel’s EX line. Intel’s staying mum on the subject for the time being, but Hardware Central did a little sleuthing and put together the pieces.

Intel Corp. has apparently tipped its hand, revealing an upcoming processor design in a session entry to a program guide for an upcoming semiconductor conference. Earlier this week, the Hot Chips conference sent out its initial schedule of speakers. The annual event is held every August on the campus of Stanford University, and an Intel entry in the program proved a bit more revealing than perhaps it should have been.

On day two of the Hot Chips program is an entry entitled “Westmere-EX: A 20-Thread Server CPU,” attributed to two Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) engineers. For its part, Intel spokespeople said they will not comment on rumor and speculation, even if it is their own entry into a well-respected semiconductor conference. Some deductive reasoning can be applied, however.

Read the full story at Hardware Central:

Does Intel Have a 10-Core Xeon Processor in the Works?

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