Intel Updates vPro With New Management Tech

The world’s largest chipmaker is taking advantage of some of the enhancements found in its recent processors and chipsets to rev up its remote management and security technology, vPro. The changes are more than just faster performance — they’re a new array of features designed to make vPro even more useful to admins. HardwareCentral has the story.

Intel has updated its vPro security and management technology to take advantage of advancements found in its new Core i5 mobile processors while adding a range of new services.

vPro is a set of features that incorporates processor and chipset technologies to provide remote management and security capabilities for sysadmins. This can be used for everything from maintenance to security, such as enabling admins to locate a lost laptop or destroy data before it can be compromised.

The latest vPro relies on the Clarkdale/Arrandale family of desktop and mobile processors and their accompanying chipsets. These are 32-nanometer-process “Westmere” CPUs based on Intel’s (NASDAQ: INTC) Nehalem architecture, and sport a number of built-in features — most notably Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

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Intel Previews Newest vPro Remote Management

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