InterVideo Gets Dolby Nod for Surround

InterVideo, Inc. Thursday revealed its DVD player for PCs, WinDVD, has received Dolby Headphone certification from Dolby Laboratories.

The certification enables InterVideo to offer Dolby’s leading-edge headphone technology to WinDVD users, re-creating full movie theater surround sound via standard audio headphones.

Dolby Headphone, a proprietary sound processing method licensed by InterVideo through Dolby from Lake Technology, allows conventional stereo headphones to create the illusion of more realistic speaker-based audio reproduction.

The process can emulate up to five speakers from any multichannel source including Dolby Digital 5.1 (DD5.1), the surround sound format used in most commercial movie theaters2.

Dolby’s certification authorizes InterVideo to begin offering Dolby Headphone-enabled WinDVD players to PC OEMs. First availability for manufacturers is expected by late summer, with a retail rollout slated for later this year.

“The Dolby Headphone certification extends the commitment InterVideo first made to Dolby technology in 1998,” said William Wang, director of marketing for InterVideo. “It means that once again, WinDVD has set a mark for DVD playback quality that paces the entire PC industry. Manufacturers and end-users alike can count on WinDVD to provide the finest DVD video and audio experience possible.”

“Dolby Laboratories is pleased to continue its solid working relationship with InterVideo,” said Richard Hockenbrock, general manager of licensing services at Dolby Laboratories. “InterVideo has a history of excellence in media technology and is committed to the highest audio and video standards. We are excited that they have chosen to offer Dolby Headphone capabilities to enhance the PC DVD playback environment.”

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