iPad Launching With Pricey App Bonanza

It’s no secret that the iPhone owes much of its success to the App Store. But most of those apps are nickel-and-dime offerings — or free — that users can put on their phone without breaking the bank.

When the iPad arrives in consumers’ mailboxes on Saturday, eager early adopters will have the chance to add all of those apps to the tablet device, but Apple is also planning to offer a new batch of apps designed specifically for the iPad, with some carrying premium price tags.

Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

There was no App Store when the iPhone launched in 2007. That would come one year later, with the introduction of the iPhone 3G. On launch day in July 2008, the App Store featured 500 applications.

On Saturday, the iPad will be arriving in mailboxes and on doorsteps across the country. New owners will be able to connect to the iPad App Store with a whole lot more choices than iPhone users had two years ago.

About 150,000 choices, to be exact.

The iPhone/iPod Touch App Store currently has 150,000 apps, and Apple is planning on making all of them available for the iPad, along with apps specifically written for the new tablet. The blog App Annie, which follows the iPhone app store market, has dug up some clues about those future apps.

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iPad Mobile Apps Store: Big Launch, Big Prices

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