It’s a Group Thing

Yahoo! Inc. launched a new, free service aimed at letting
groups of people communicate via e-mail and other Web-based tools.

The service is called Yahoo! Groups, and it offers the ability
to share photos and files, plan events, and even send newsletters.

The launch is a milestone in the integration of the eGroups service,

acquired by Yahoo!
last June in a $400 million-plus stock deal. Yahoo!
said it plans to integrate Yahoo! Clubs into Yahoo! Groups later this year.

“Whether building relationships with others who share similar interests or
exchanging ideas to spur discussion, Yahoo! Groups is an easy and convenient
way to stay
connected to others,” said Mark Hull, senior producer, Yahoo! Groups.

Yahoo! Groups lets members see who is online and chat with them in real-time
using Yahoo! Messenger; allows interaction via e-mail or by visiting a Web
page for a particular group; allows voting with a polls feature; offers a
database function for things like fantasy football leagues; and a message
archive for tracking past discussions.

And for investors concerned with bottom line results, the new service, of
course, attracts traffic and keeps users on the site longer, providing more
eyeballs for advertisers and more opportunities for e-commerce sales.

Meanwhile, Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co. Inc. in Arlington, Va., added
Yahoo! to its new media list, saying that the shakeout in the overall
Internet sector makes this a good time for investors to focus on the leaders
in the space.

Senior New Media Analyst Rob Martin initiated coverage of Yahoo! with an
Accumulate rating. The stock was down about 87 cents in midday trading at $39.

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