IWant.com Launches as E-Commerce Referral Community

IWant.com launched an e-commerce site with a
patent-pending discovery mechanism that it says connects exactly the right
buyers with exactly the right sellers.

IWant.com allows buyers to state their “wants” while maintaining anonymity
and have the most appropriate sellers immediately find them, saving the buyer
both time and effort.

Once a “want” has been posted, IWant.com connects buyers with the people who
have exactly what they seek. Sellers simply review and respond to the
qualified, motivated buyer who has posted a “want.”

Buyers and sellers can then talk privately, without obligation, by posting messages on IWant.com. When both parties are comfortable to go to the next level, the relationship can be confirmed by exchanging e-mail addresses, phone numbers or mailing addresses.

“There is nothing more frustrating for a buyer than to spend hours
researching information regarding a good or service he or she seeks, only to
find that the item is unavailable, said Shabbir Dahod, company founder, CEO, and president. “Conversely, sellers are equally as frustrated dealing with uncertain or hesitant buyers who may be uninformed and unqualified.”

He said the new site eliminates the time consuming tasks of using search
engines and browsing through countless vertical market Web sites searching
for the “right” goods and services.

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