Jupiter, Media Metrix Yield Data on Napster Explosion

Media players’ mere presence on PCs may not secure their continued dominance within today’s digital music wars, according to a joint report from Jupiter Communications, Inc. and Media Metrix, Inc. .

According to Media Metrix data, nearly 80 percent of Napster owners used the music filesharing application during March 2000; less than 40 percent of owners of RealPlayer, RealJukebox, and Windows Media Player used these widely distributed applications during the same period. Jupiter analysts believe that if Napster use continues to increase at its current pace, it threatens to displace use of the some of the most established music players battling for market share currently.

These findings are part of a joint report issued Thursday by Jupiter Communications and Media Metrix, combining analysts’ insight and industry standard measurement data. This initial report includes Internet market forecasts, consumer behavioral trends, music-application use, and demographics, providing a snapshot of the rapidly changing digital-music landscape.

“Napster is the definitive killer application for the online music industry,” said Aram Sinnreich, an analyst with Jupiter. “Given its frequency and intensity of use, Napster threatens to spill over into the domains of existing music applications, commanding an ever greater share of time and attention that online music fans spend interacting with music.”

In June, Jupiter and Media Metrix announced that the two companies would merge to create the global leader in Internet information services. The combined company will deliver Internet measurement, analysis, events, and advice to provide businesses with resources for understanding and profiting from the Internet.

“This collaboration is a glimpse of the unparalleled, data-rich reports that Jupiter and Media Metrix can produce together to better serve Internet executives as they make key business decisions,” said Gene DeRose, chief executive officer of Jupiter Communications, and president and vice chairman of the soon-to-be formed Jupiter Media Metrix.

“Our ability to tap into the collective strengths across our businesses allows us to deliver unprecedented insight into key trends across a variety of industries,” said Mary Ann Packo, president of Media Metrix and co-chief operating officer of the soon-to-be formed Jupiter Media Metrix. “This is all about combining the best research, analysis, and forecasts for the industry.”

Copies of the report are available free of charge here.

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