Delivers E-Commerce Networking Tools

E-commerce integration company delivered its SiteMan family of
software products and services, designed to give centralized control over
e-commerce functions on hundreds of independent
Web sites.

The company said the application gives organizations such as franchises,
associations, portals, corporations and others control of distributed
networks such as sites created by members, affiliates and customers.

SiteMan and’s SiteMan Storefront software solutions let
organizations leverage their brands while protecting and promoting corporate
brand identity in the virtual world, the company said.

The central organization uses SiteMan or SiteMan Storefront software to
design site templates that standardize the overall look and feel, with
control over the use of logos,
branding and dissemination of corporate information.

To create its own site,
an affiliate accesses the central branded location on the Internet, selects a
template and through a standard browser, completes four step process to add
their own content.

SiteMan Storefront incorporates online transaction technology with real-time
support for most payment systems.

“Eventually most e-commerce will be conducted from branded sites where online
customers can easily find what they’re looking for and be assured of brand
reliability,” said Gari Cheever, president and CEO of

that already have customer relationships based on brand recognition in the
physical world are transferring their images to the virtual world. They, as
well as Web-centric e-commerce companies, are seeking to control the quality
and use of their brands in a medium that has been difficult to control.”

Early customers include, Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Knight

Pricing is based on the number and types of sites that need to be created and
whether hosts the application.

Monthly costs can range from $50 to
$200 per site.

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