LexisNexis Adds TV Search

Archived content provider LexisNexis is teaming with TV search specialist

Critical Mention to improve offerings for owners of small- and medium-sized

businesses and independent professionals, the companies announced today.

LexisNexis will integrate TV search and monitoring into AlaCarte, its

pay-as-you-go service aimed at small and medium business owners and

independent professionals.

In addition, the interface lets users send links

of video clips to colleagues for a per-clip charge. Pricing details for the searchable video won’t be set until integration into AlaCarte is completed late next month, Jennifer Aleknavage, a LexisNexis spokeswoman, said.

“The cost for accessing video will be very reasonably priced, which is in

line with the current LexisNexis AlaCarte model,” Aleknavage said. “For

example, if you order a full-text news transcript on AlaCarte today, it is

as low as $3.”

The improvements to AlaCarte will be LexisNexis’ first work with searchable

video. The Dayton, Ohio-based company “is exploring other options for all

LexisNexis customers in the future,” Aleknavage said.

The announcement comes amid growing interest in online video, thanks to

faster broadband speeds and better compression technologies.

Earlier today, Yahoo announced that, beginning next month, it

will provide CNN and ABC News video news clips free to visitors.

For Critical Mention, the LexisNexis announcement comes a week after it teamed with

the Associated Press. It also follows on the heels of an upgrade to its

platform. CriticalTV 3.0 allows users to search broadcasts in real time and view and share clips.

Critical Mention was founded in 2002 and is privately held. Its

clients include AT&T, Bear Stearns, Boeing, FedEx, Pepsi,

Proctor & Gamble, Prudential Financial, Qualcomm and the United States Army.

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