Liquid 5.0 Features Multi-Format Support, Watermark

Liquid Audio Wednesday unveiled Liquid System 5.0.

The package includes Liquid Server 5.0,
Liquifier Pro 5.0 and Liquid Player 5.0, supports all leading digital music
standards, including MP3, Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI),
RealNetworks, Dolby Digital and Advanced Audio Compression (AAC) giving a much expanded selection of digital downloads from one integrated player.

A free preview release of Liquid Player 5.0 with multi-format support, including MP3, is now available.

For consumers, Liquid Player 5.0 software provides access to the broadest
variety of music online and an improved user experience. Fans can use one
integrated player to get both mp3s and secure tracks, or use the Liquid
Plug-ins for RealNetworks, to access Liquid Tracks right from their
RealPlayer G2 or RealJukebox.

For labels, Liquid System 5.0 provides distribution capabilities to leverage
the Internet as a low-cost retail channel. Content owners can reach customers
by publishing, syndicating and selling music on Liquid Audio’s network of
affiliate retail Web sites. Multi-format support enables the digital delivery
of music in both MP3 and secure formats. To fight piracy, Liquid Audio
is adding the Genuine Music mark to music files it distributes.

The Genuine
Music mark enables labels to help their consumers distinguish between pirated files and legitimate music on the Internet. As a result, EMI Records has selected Liquid Audio to encode its extensive library for digital delivery.

For retailers and Web sites in the Liquid Music Network, Liquid System 5.0
provides fulfillment and selection of content to promote and sell music
downloads in their online stores. Sites can offer mp3s and Liquid Tracks from
2,300 artists to consumers. A new Liquid Music Network design upgrade
provides users with a streamlined shopping experience and makes it easier for consumers to purchase tracks.

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