Lufthansa Launches Air Fare Auction Promo

Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines will hold its first live ticket
auction on Feb. 25 and 26, at the carrier’s U.S. Web site.

The bidding starts at $10 for two roundtrip, economy class tickets from
one of four U.S. cities to selected Lufthansa destinations worldwide.
cities include the carrier’s two newest U.S. gateways — Detroit and
Philadelphia — in addition to Houston and Dallas.

Accessing Lufthansa’s InfoFlyway site, travelers can bid for tickets
to places such as Athens, Rome, Cairo, Nice, Singapore,
Bombay and elsewhere.

In advance of the auction, potential bidders must complete a
registration form and select a user-ID and password. Once registered,
participants can consult the auction schedule for destination details and bidding times.

The company said its first live auction on Lufthansa InfoFlyway took
place in May 1997 in Germany and drew over 100,000 Internet users.

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