Lycos the Latest to Do Takeout With cybermeals

Lycos, Inc. announced today it will add
food takeout and delivery services to its network in an exclusive deal with
cybermeals worth $16M.

This is the latest in a series of exclusive marketing and commerce
agreements that cybermeals has struck with online leaders including Excite
and America Online.

Lycos said it will receive guaranteed payments from cybermeals for the
duration of the new four-year agreement, along with a percentage of revenues.

The navigation network plans to incorporate restaurant ordering features
throughout its site in areas including the Lycos Shopping Network and Lycos
City Guides.

“The Lycos service will continue to expand so that Lycos can have a more
dramatic impact, a top-of-mind presence, on consumers’ everyday lives,”
said Jeff Crown, vice president of business development.

“The cybermeals offering is a perfect complement to our business strategy,
as it drives e-commerce revenues, and offers a fabulous prepared food
delivery service to both professionals at work, and consumers at home to
make their lives easier.”

The cybermeals service is designed to match customers with restaurants
located in their various neighborhoods, and allow hungry surfers to place
online orders for takeout or home delivery.

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