Macromedia Teams With IBM for Rich Media Authoring

Macromedia Inc. in San Francisco signed a
marketing and distribution agreement with IBM so that upcoming versions of its
Web publishing tools, Director
and Dreamweaver, will include HotMedia, IBM’s Java- based Internet media

The products will include a HotMedia Xtra for Director and a HotMedia object
for Dreamweaver. The agreement will enable Director and Dreamweaver customers
to use the HotMedia toolkit when authoring rich media content, including e-
commerce applications and interactive advertising.

The companies will also
participate in joint marketing activities. Financial arrangements were not

Director and Dreamweaver can be used to create rich media Web content,
including interactive ad banners, immersive branded online environments and
Web navigation
interfaces for e-commerce applications. Rich media authors can deliver just-
in-time Java playback through the HotMedia Xtra for Director and HotMedia
object for Dreamweaver.

“IBM’s HotMedia enables Web shoppers to selectively display rich media
content from Web storefronts and catalogs, facilitating online purchase
decisions,” said Armando Garcia, vice president, Internet media, IBM.

coupling HotMedia with
Macromedia’s Director and Dreamweaver Web publishing tools, we’re enabling
rich media content creators to deliver immersive, media rich e-business
applications over the Internet,” said Garcia.

A free public beta of the HotMedia toolkit is now available for download at the IBM site.

HotMedia will be
available with IBM Net.Commerce in the fourth quarter. The HotMedia Xtra for
Director and HotMedia object for Dreamweaver will be available in upcoming

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