Media 100 Announces Interactive Streaming Production

Media 100 Inc. Tuesday unveiled the Media 100 i series of professional interactive streaming production solutions.

Media 100 i is designed to enable Internet broadcasters, Web designers and digital content creators to author interactive content specifically designed to leverage the multidimensional, interactive capabilities of the Internet.

With Media 100 i, Web designers can create streaming media content with which viewers can directly interact. Media 100 is nEventStream technology enables Web designers to embed interactive, multidimensional instructions directly into streaming media programs to trigger visual, content-rich capabilities, including graphics, Flash animations and Java applications – all synchronized with the streaming video on the Web site.

Using Media 100 i, web designers can define hot spots, URL flips and chapter marks, allowing viewers to interact with streaming media programs by clicking on objects to gather information, launch related web sites from the video and purchase items in the streaming video.

“Media 100 has created a new paradigm for web site development – we’ve developed an interactive streaming media work flow that will fundamentally change how web sites are designed,” said Caren Anhder, product line manager for Media 100 i.

“Media 100 i introduces a whole new approach to designing for the Web – interactive, multidimensional streaming media production – which has significant implications for web designers creating dynamic streaming media programming for online advertising, e-commerce and entertainment. With Media 100 i, viewers can click on Tom Cruise’s sunglasses and buy them online – that’s the Internet revolution we’re enabling.”

With Media 100 i, Media 100 also announced the addition of major new content creation capabilities. The Media 100 iFX engine – a graphics and layering capability — enables users to create video and image layering, compositing and digital video effects (DVE). This unique implementation allows a video clip to be created in the video tracks that is actually a “container” for the composited layers defined in Boris FX or Boris RED. The composite clip can be saved in bins or used in other programs and projects.

The iFX engine includes the ability of Media 100 users to access Media 100 bins, with trimmed media from directly within Boris FX or Boris RED. No other streaming solution has this level of integration with these industry-leading Boris applications. This capability is the result of a strategic co-development relationship with Artel Software.

Key features of Media 100 i include:

  • Interactive hot spots
  • Synchronized Web events
  • Metadata for searching, indexing and archiving video
  • Layered graphics separately for higher-quality streaming
  • The ability to capture, edit, author interactivity, encode and publish to the Internet
  • The ability to acquire and deliver in any format, including DV, SDI, component, S-video and composite
  • Automated production tasks through customized AppleScripts
  • Composition with unlimited layers
  • 2D and 3D animated titles and advanced digital video effects
  • Real-time broadcast quality color correction tools
  • Expanded effects with Adobe After Effects integration
  • Instant media integration with the QuickTime-compatible applications
  • DirectEdit technology for timeline editing
  • Ability to process audio with real-time three-band parametric EQ
  • Ability to create pictures and effects for broadcast-quality design
  • Media 100 iFX Engine layerings and DVEs

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