Media Metrix Debuts E-Commerce Services

Audience measurement firm Media Metrix said Thursday it is venturing into the e-commerce arena, and launched its Online Shopping Report.

The new syndicated e-commerce measurement services are designed to address marketers’ and retailers’ needs for developing marketing strategies, gathering tangible competitive intelligence and consumer demographics, the company said.

The e-commerce sector has become important in the success of the Internet industry, and specifically targeting e-commerce issues was a logical step for the firm, according to Mary Ann Packo, president of Media Metrix.

“Media Metrix’ new e-commerce measurement services are a natural expansion of the Media Metrix product line, and take advantage of our vast and rich Internet usage information database, and our large,
representative sample of more than 40,000 people under measurement,” Packo said.

“These new services will support the needs of online marketers and retailers, provide an in-depth understanding of their target audiences and help further the development and growth of e-commerce
enterprises,” said Packo.

Its first e-commerce report, “The Online Shopping Report,” measures and reports the activities of Visitors versus Engaged Shoppers, or those users who visit Web sites and exhibit a high level of involvement in the shopping process, tendency to perform transactions and display site-specific loyalty.

The report provides insight into online shopping behavior and offers e-commerce marketers cross-site and online entity specific measures, cross-category e-commerce data, tangible competitive intelligence and in-depth site-specific consumer demographic information.

“A thorough understanding of e-commerce behavior is critical for any
marketer or retailer interested in building
or growing a successful online business,” said Jim
D’Arcangelo, Senior Vice
President, Marketing and Business Development, Media Metrix.

“Essential to this
understanding are the areas of connection and
disparity between ad supported business models that are tied to visitor
traffic and e-commerce approaches or
models, based on motivating consumers to perform transactions,” D’Arcangelo said.

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