MediaWebcast Launches Pirate-Finder

Corpas Investments, Inc. , doing business as MediaWebcast, has launched a media tracking software and service designed to target and eliminate online copyright infringement.

The Media Limiter 1.0 system allows MediaWebcast to provide a service to the holders of copyrighted intellectual properties and allows the company to track and facilitate the shut down of organized pirate distribution groups and individuals participating in the unauthorized use of content.

“There is a clear and latent demand for entertainment companies and artists to protect their works online. The Media Limiter 1.0 service allows companies the opportunity to have added control over the exploitation of their copyrights, with the ability to identify and subsequently cut off the largest illegal traffickers online at the initial point of distribution, as well as down the chain of distribution,” said Molly A. Miles, MediaWebcast CEO.

“Following the judgment last week, it is obvious that Media Limiter 1.0 will make it possible to generate substantial revenues for our company,” said Carl Allison, senior vice president of finance.

“As a transmedia company we already focus on the creation and distribution of media. Protecting media via the Media Limiter 1.0 system is a natural extension of that. We strive for profitability across all media platforms and the Media Limiter 1.0 affords MediaWebcast the opportunity to derive immediate and significant revenue online,” said Gene Fein, MediaWebcast president.

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