Microsoft Begins Yahoo Search Integration

Microsoft has not been shy about its ambitions to compete in the search market. After a failed bid to acquire Yahoo, the company reached an agreement with the Web pioneer to merge the two search engines, with Microsoft powering the engineering platform.

Now, Microsoft has begun testing its Bing search technology on Yahoo’s sites, and hopes to begin transitioning advertisers to its adCenter platform later this summer. E-Commerce Guide takes a look.

Microsoft has begun testing delivery of search results to Yahoo’s search sites through its Bing technology, according to a blog post Tuesday. If the tests don’t cause any serious hiccups for the two systems, then the search partners may begin transitioning U.S. and Canadian advertisers to Microsoft’s (NADSAQ: MSFT) adCenter later this summer.

“As we continue to make progress implementing various aspects of the Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) and Microsoft Search Alliance, our two companies continue to work together towards the goal of providing a quality transition experience for advertisers in the U.S. and Canada in 2010, while being mindful of the holiday season,” Microsoft spokesperson Carolyn Miller said in a post to the adCenter Blog.

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Microsoft Tests Bing With Yahoo Search

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