Microsoft Prepping Arc Touch Bendable Mouse?

Microsoft has a new mouse in the works. That much is for certain. Or, well, almost certain. The company is playing coy about an upcoming product launch, sending out teasing messages on its Twitter account as it builds buzz for what looks to be a September or October release.

Adding fuel to the fire were photos that surfaced on a German website of a new bendable mouse from Microsoft that would flatten for travel and assume the curved form when in use. Dubbed the Arc Touch, Microsoft’s new mouse, if legit, would likely be seen as a competitor to Apple’s Magic Mouse. Hardware Central takes a look.

New signs point to the coming release of a new, bendable mouse from Microsoft, dubbed Arc Touch, within the next several weeks. And while the company isn’t commenting, it seems to be embarking on a whisper campaign of sorts to generate excitement.

Rumors describe the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Arc Touch Mouse as sporting an unusual form factor that enables the mouse to be bent into an arc for use and then bent flat for transport, potentially making it appealing to corporate road warriors and consumer notebook users on the go. While purported leaks about the peripheral have been circulating for some time, they came to a head Wednesday on German tech news site, which posted pictures it said were of the device.

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Bendable Microsoft Mouse To Reshape Computer Peripherals?

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