Microsoft to License InstaLoad Battery Tech

We’ve all done it. Installing a battery upside down is just part of the splendor of playing with electronic devices. But what if you were spared that twinge of uncomprehending frustration that comes just before the “duh” moment of realizing that, again, you mixed up positive with negative?

Microsoft would like to make that a reality. The company has announced that it will bring to market its InstaLoad technology, which entails re-engineered battery compartments in devices so that it won’t matter how the batteries are inserted. That could be a boon to users with accessibility issues, and also save wear and tear on electronic devices. Hardware Central has the details.

Microsoft announced it is licensing technology it invented that lets users install batteries without worrying which end is which. Its uses could include making it easier to change batteries for people with accessibility problems, as well as protecting hardware from damage when batteries are inserted backwards.

Dubbed InstaLoad, the technology doesn’t require special batteries, but instead requires that the battery compartments in battery-powered devices be re-engineered, according to a Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) statement.

Read the full story at Hardware Central:

Microsoft: Never Install a Battery the Wrong Way Again

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