Miva Announces Browser-Based Storefront E-Commerce System

Miva Corp. this week introduced Miva
Merchant V1.2.4, a browser-based electronic storefront development and
management system.

Miva Merchant is designed to let even the fabled non-technical user design and run their own shopping site on the Web.

Using only a Web browser, users can implement dynamic data-driven
electronic storefronts with integrated shopping basket, catalog, and order processing tools. Miva Merchant allows one central administrator to maintain multiple stores or functions to be delegated to sub-administrators. Miva Merchant runs on Windows 95/98/NT, Solaris,
Linux, BSDI, and other Unix flavors, and includes modules like credit card
processing and UPS shipping calculations. The full MivaScript
source code is also available and can be used to further customize a site.

To get an idea of what working with MivaScript is like, get a free MivaMia download and developer’s license, which includes a
personal Miva server, here.

An impressive list of ISPs and hosting providers that have Miva Empresa, the Miva server,
running on their sites is also available.

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