ModaCAD to Use IBM’s Visual Search Software

Virtual fashion technology and mall developer ModaCAD Inc. signed an
agreement allowing it to IBM Research’s Query By Image Content (QBIC) visual-
search software to further its e-commerce strategies in the fashion industry.

QBIC allows users to search large visual databases by selecting image
qualities such as color, layout, and texture, without being limited by
subjective queries using only text. Developed by scientists at IBM Research,
QBIC boosts key word searches by producing graphical matches and finding
images or videos with similar visual properties as the source image, ranked
according to mathematical measures.

“Ease of use is a critical element in searching for fashion online,” said
Maurizio Vecchione,
ModaCAD’s president and chief operating officer. “Traditional databases
using only text words are not efficient at pairing consumers with the items
they are looking for.”

“Incorporating QBIC alongside ModaCAD’s e-business content managers and
visually rich 3-D imagery will provide more reasons for consumers to look to
ModaCAD’s sites and recently announced Web e-commerce strategies when
searching for fashion and apparel on-line,” he added.

ModaCAD’s technologies can locate fashion products conveniently by precise,
customized searches based on criteria such as gender, apparel category,
material type, brand name, color, and even preferred care instructions.
ModaCAD’s technologies also incorporate a zoom-viewing function, allowing
consumers to view items close-up in order to inspect the fabric, stitching,
buttons, and other details.

More information on QBIC is available here.

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