More Virtualization Tech Unveiled at VMworld

CA today announced virtualization management systems for private cloud and datacenter deployments at the VMworld 2009 conference, but it was hardly alone. There were a number of announcements from storage and networking vendors as well.

CA’s enterprise software products — CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager, CA eHealth Performance Manager, and CA Wily Application Performance Manager
— combined with VMware’s vCenter family, also
announced today, provide “comprehensive virtualization management,” said CA (NASDAQ:CA).

“With our holistic approach to service modeling, assurance, automation and security, organizations can better optimize business services in fast-growing, dynamic VMware environments,” said Tom Kendra, CA corporate senior vice president of strategy and business development, in a statement.

The new features “enable customers to use a single pane of glass to discover, visualize and manage performance, isolate faults, conduct powerful root cause and impact analysis, track virtual machine movement, and view utilization,” CA said.

The new features also help enterprises use CA software to manage the application development process, optimally allocate storage and backup resources, and model business impact scenarios on virtual infrastructure, according to CA.

Physical hardware for virtual environments

Hardware providers had big news, too, because while virtualization reduces the number of servers required, it places a heavy load on networking and storage infrastructure.

Broadcom (NASDAQ:BRCM) brought its 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) controllers to VMworld. “10GbE is increasingly important for virtual environments,” the company said.

It added that all major server makers now deliver servers using Broadcom’s controllers, and also that Broadcom’s 10GbE controllers achieved a market share of 69.7 percent in Q2 2009, up from 44 percent in Q1 2009, according to a report from Dell’Oro Group.

Storage makers were present as well. NetEx was eager to demonstrate that software can improve network performance. The WAN optimization software provider released a report claiming that its HyperIP for VMware product increased VMotion speeds by a factor of 10.

“The combination of HyperIP and VMotion make remote migration of live virtual machines an attractive and viable user option for the first time, giving VMotion a new life for live migrations beyond the data center,” said Robert MacIntyre, NetEx vice president of business development and marketing, in a statement.

The virtually private cloud

Meanwhile, Skytap, a cloud provider, announced at VMworld that it has created a secure VPN connection for its cloud offering. The news comes shortly after similar announcements from Amazon and OpSource.

Cloud providers are embracing this technology because they expect to gain cloud converts among those who have security-related concerns about the technology.

“Using Skytap, IT organizations can now gain the benefits of ‘cloud economics’ for their ad-hoc computing environments while maintaining corporate security and access control policies. With these new capabilities we’re removing the barriers to entry into the cloud, and providing a sense of control and familiarity to corporate IT,” said Scott Roza, Skytap’s CEO, in a statement.

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