Most Popular Mobile Voice Searches of 2009

As Datamation reports, voice search on mobile devices is growing in popularity and as we look back at 2009, one vendor, Vlingo has detailed the top ten most popular voice-powered Web searches by mobile users.

What are the most popular mobile Web searches via voice? Vlingo’s top ten list for 2009 has a few surprises. The company said its data for 2009 is based on several million Web searches powered by its namesake “voice user interface” software.

“Unlike traditional Web searches that focus on specific search terms such as ‘Michael Jackson’ or ‘Twilight,’ our data shows that on mobile phones, people tend to search for specific destinations sites and resources,” Dave Grannan, president and CEO of Vlingo, said in a statement.

Social media sites topped Vlingo’s list with YouTube, Facebook and MySpace in the first, second and third spots, respectively.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Top Ten Mobile Voice Searches of the Year

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