Rolls Out New Artist Site Design Inc. Wednesday launched a new look for digital artist web sites.

The redesign is intended to increase artist branding and provide consumers with an interface that is easier to use.

The redesign is part of the company’s core objectives, according to Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive officer of

“From the beginning, our goal has been to help empower digital artists to successfully promote and market themselves in the online music space,” he said. “By providing more Web space, consistent branding and increased ease of use, this redesign enhances the accessibility and stickiness of artist Web sites, giving consumers immediate access to all the options available on our site.”

The core element of the new, multipage design is a tab feature that allows digital artists to carry branded pictures and designs across all sections of their site. On each artist home page, users will find a branded design or logo uploaded by the digital artist as well as a listing of all songs available for streaming or downloading.

From the artist home page, users gain easy access to a number of tabs that take them to other pages on the artist’s site. Unlike the previous design, each artist’s picture or logo is carried over to all aspects of the site, providing increased branding opportunities.

Among the sections available on all artist sites are:

— An Info section, containing pertinent information regarding the digital artist.

— A Contact section which allows users to immediately send an email to the artist.

— Links, containing hyperlinks to other digital artists who post music on

— Stations Now Playing, a listing of Stations and Channels where the artist’s music is featured.

— Calendar, where artists can post information regarding upcoming shows and events.

The new site design allows for additional sections to be added to each artist’s site.

Digital artists’ Payback for Playback statistics, which show earnings generated based on how often songs are listened to, are featured on all sections of the newly designed artist site. Additionally, the new artist sites contain a redesigned player interface, consistent with the company’s interface.

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