Netegrity Offers DMS Product

E-commerce infrastructure solutions company Netegrity Inc. delivered a new product
called Delegated Management Services (DMS), which addresses the complexity of
distributed user management.

Netegrity said DMS lets organizations delegate user administration to their
business partners, remote business units and end users, “an essential
requirement” for e-marketplaces, service providers and corporate enterprises
that need to manage thousands of companies, partners and potentially millions
of users.

Netegrity said DMS builds on its SiteMinder platform to provide a scaleable
solution that works across the market-leading user directories in use today.

The company said DMS provides a flexible, roles-based solution for managing
and user attributes as well as assigning users to policies that determine
their access to protected resources. DMS provides:

  • Native support for major LDAP directories.
  • Multiple levels of delegation for user management across unlimited
    organization, partner and affiliate sites.

  • User roles for a more flexible and efficient approach to assigning users
    to centralized policies that determine the applications the user can access

  • Standards compliant templates for easy customization of partner and
    affiliate branding as well as world-wide localization

  • Workflow enablement for integrating business process automation

  • High scalability and availability with load balancing, failover and
    multi-level caching.

Delegated Management Services will be part of the SiteMinder 4.5 release,
which will be available within the next 30 days, the company said.

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